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A Jiffie Adventure - Jiffie Saves the Day

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Join Jiffie, and her friends in her adventure as she learns valuable lessons and gains self-esteem becoming a hero.

Author, Linda J. Lanceit-Saltman, has made this book into an entertainment center where parents and children can communicate with each other. There are songs, puppets of the characters, games, and fun questions on alertness.

Parents’ feedback has been overwhelmingly joyful hearing their children requesting them to read the book, hear the songs, and play with the puppets over and over.   

Join Woolly the moth on his quest as you read about the challenges he overcomes to make his dream a reality.

Helen S. Lanceit’s versatile talent as an author of many different topics of writing, has captured the understanding of children’s imagination in “Woolly the Moth” through her gift of mastering putting this book together all in verse.

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