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Story Time at the Ability School. Children attentively listening to Linda reading the Adventures of Jiffie.

Rhonda Clarke, Coordinator at the Ability School.

What a wonderful surprise I got when I looked at my emails and found one from Rhonda Clarke, Coordinator at the Ability School asking me if I would be interested in reading my book, “A Jiffie Adventure – Jiffie Saves the Day, to their Pre-K to 2nd Grade students during their Read-A-Thon Month which took place in November, 2014.

Ms. Clarke contacted me through a flyer she received being on the mailing list of World of Wings Museum where I was leading a ‘Mommy and Me” program, at the time. Needless to say, I was thrilled at her invitation to entertain my story to the children teaching them valuable lessons, one being, “just be yourself,” which happens to be one of my song titles. There was also a lot of audience participation. The Q & A page following the book was very well received by them, as were the games on the last few pages in the book. The children were a total delight and we all enjoyed a wonderful experience together.