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Graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Magna Cum-Laude, with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Jennifer is a freelance designer who started her own company, J3 Grafix Designs, after working as head art director for an advertising company producing stadium banners and brochures for companies like JVC. Jennifer designs logos, brochures, books, games, websites, silk scarves, and more.

You can see some of Jenn’s designs on her website:

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Candice Gill/Artist for Woolly the Moth

Candice Gill is an artist born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Drawing and painting have been interests since childhood.

Candice believes children make for wonderful company and always dreamed of lending her talents to children's books.  Between 2004 and 2009, Candice focused on art photography, participating in several NY and NJ art shows.  Since then, she has provided promo photos and album art for musical artists and has done graphic artwork for an online music magazine.   Aside from illustration, Candice enjoys creating dollhouse miniatures out of polymer clay, knitting, writing, making music and sewing.  She lives colorfully with her husband, daughter and two cats.

Helen S. Lanceit (1920 -2002) was a very gifted writer.

Whether her stories were written in pros or verse, the eloquent design of her words had great depth and meaning to all the subjects she brought to life. Her stories transcend time. Children stories also came naturally to her, as you will read among the pages of these two highly entertaining books, “Woolly the Moth,” and “Mama Duck.”

Winning several poetry contests, some of her works can be found in the Library of Congress, located in Washington DC..

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Linda J. Lanceit-Saltman

Hi! Thanks for clicking onto my website. As a mother of 2 grown children now, I have always had a very special concern about children's safety and happiness. Although this book started out as a musical puppet show to entertain my children and their friends at their birthday parties, I felt I wanted to do more with this story’s messages to reach children across the globe.

Join Jiffie the giraffe on her journey through self-discovery as she finds the strength to realize that being different can be a wonderful thing. This book illustrates how one giraffe and her animal friends come to value the differences among them.

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